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Variegated Rubber Plant

  • Variegated Rubber Plant

Merchant of York

Variegated Rubber Plant


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Variegated Rubber Plants can live in medium, indirect sunlight to dappled sun. Prolonged exposure to bright direct sunlight may burn and scorch their leaves..

Your Variegated Rubber Plant enjoys weekly waterings. Allow its soil to dry out between waterings.

Common Issues:

  • Falling leaves: indicate your Variegated Rubber Plant has suffered from low humidity levels. Try placing it on a pebble tray partly filled with water (ensure the soil is not touching the water).
  • Browning, drooping leaves: indicates your plant has been overwatered. Ensure you let your plant’s soil completely dry out between waterings, and allow proper drainage.
Size 16" tall average. Potted in our 6" Luxembourg pot.
Difficulty Needs a bit of extra care
Light Medium to bright indirect light
Pet Friendly Toxic. Can cause mouth irritation and digestive reaction

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