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Sour Lemonade Syrup - 473ml



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Lemo Sour Lemonade Syrup is made from fresh lemons, oranges, grapefruit, hibiscus and cranberries. And while sour may be in the name, it is anything but!

One 473ml (16oz) bottle makes 4L of lemonade.

Shake well. Refrigerate after opening.


Lemo, Montreal

LEMO Lemonade is a modern take on a 100-year-old family recipe. Its carefully crafted syrups are made with fresh lemons, oranges and grapefruit- delicious straight up or mixed in a cocktail. The origins of the recipe can be traced back to the small town of Ste-Rose-du-Lac, Manitoba, where it was once prescribed by a local doctor as a stomach tonic to aid with digestion. LEMO has since been reshaped, yet its incredibly bright flavours remain the same. To this day, all LEMO products are hand zested, juiced and bottled in small batches in Montreal's Mile-Ex neighborhood.