Slow Coffee Style Rounded Coffee Server, 2-Cup


Slow Coffee Style Rounded Coffee Server, 2-Cup



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Relax with the restorative, and even meditative, process of brewing a pour-over coffee. That's what slow coffee style by KINTO is all about. The calming neutral colours and the beauty of the glass are reminders that slowing down to savour a cup of coffee can make all the difference in a day.

Dimensions: ø85 x H105mm. Holds 300ml. 

Made in Japan

Best used with the KINTO 2 cup brewer.


KINTO, Japan

KINTO is a Japanese brand that develops coffeeware, teaware, tableware and lifestyle accessories valuing the balance between usability and aesthetics. To slow down and see the beauty of nature, to unwind and feel connected with your loved ones - KINTO imagines scenes that enrich your life to bring you products with genuine creativity and thoughtfulness.