SEED Super Gold Eraser
SEED Super Gold Eraser

SEED Super Gold Eraser



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The SEED Super Gold Eraser is made of excellent quality natural rubber and features rounded corners.

This eraser set celebrates SEED's commitment to quality and hard work. The eraser set comes with a gold colour metal holder for erasing comfort and a black gift box for protection (to prevent damage and deterioration).

The eraser box is stamped with a mark called "tubogarasu", which means "Pot and Crow". The image is based on the "Crow story" from Aesop's fables. A thirsty crow is unable to reach the water at the bottom of a pot, so the smart crow drops pebbles until the water reaches a level from which the crow can drink. The image was chosen because small wisdom and a lot of effort is important for SEED.

Measures 1.3cm x 5cm x 2.1cm (0.5" x 2" x 0.8").

Made in Japan.