Les Charlatans

Sea Buckthorn Syrup - 235ml

  • Sea Buckthorn Syrup - 235ml by Les Charlatans - Merchant of York

Les Charlatans

Sea Buckthorn Syrup - 235ml


Sea buckthorn is an orchard shrub native to parts of Asia and Europe and is now found everywhere in Quebec. It is a hardy shrub and can tolerate large temperature differences.

Cultivated for its fruit, small orange berries, it is found in juice, jelly, liqueur, jam, ice cream or in sauce to accompany fish. What does it taste like? Some say tart orange and mango. Others say pineapple. It has a distinctively tropical flavour for a North American fruit. The berries are small and hard to process, so it takes many berries to make one bottle of syrup. 

The Charlatans sea buckthorn syrup reveals the acidity of the fruit and goes well with gin, white rum or vodka cocktails.

Of course, you can spoil yourself and use this syrup on ice cream, sparkling water, cooking or baking.



  • 1 oz White tequila
  • ¾ oz Sea Buckthorn Syrup
  • ¼ oz Fresh lime juice
  • 2 to 4 oz Sparkling Apple Cider

PREPARATION: In a shaker, put all these ingredients and shake vigorously. Pass the contents through the sieve and pour directly into a cup. Fill the rest of the cup with cider and garnish with a thin slice of floating lime.


Les Charlatans, Montreal

Les Charlatans is a small Montreal-based company that excels in making all natural, hand crafted syrups that are both fun to use and tasty. Whether they're mixed with sparkling water, thrown into a dish or blended in a cocktail, they can brighten any kind of gets together. The founder, Jeanne, grew up in France and she remembered how a dash of syrup could make a huge difference in mineral water, be it blackcurrant, orgeat or any homemade creation. That idea was then developed when she moved to Montreal and the brand was born!

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