Les Charlatans

Orange & Rosemary Syrup - 235ml

  • Orange & Rosemary Syrup - 235ml by Les Charlatans - Merchant of York

Les Charlatans

Orange & Rosemary Syrup - 235ml


The Orange and Rosemary flavour is sure to become one of your instant favourites! Powerful and enveloping, the aromas of this syrup will bring your cocktails to another level. Feel free to try it in an Old Fashioned, a Margarita or even with sparkling water, on ice cream and in the kitchen. Warning ... can cause dependence!



  • 1 ½ oz gin (omit for non-alcoholic version)
  • ½ oz Orange & Rosemary Syrup
  • 1 oz Oolong tea full bodied, cold
  • 1 oz Cranberry juice (100%)
  • ½ Lemon, juiced
  • Soda water

PREPARATION: Pour over ice in a large wine glass, lengthen with soda water. Garnish with dried cranberries, 1 sprig of rosemary.


Les Charlatans, Montreal

Les Charlatans is a small Montreal-based company that excels in making all natural, hand crafted syrups that are both fun to use and tasty. Whether they're mixed with sparkling water, thrown into a dish or blended in a cocktail, they can brighten any kind of gets together. The founder, Jeanne, grew up in France and she remembered how a dash of syrup could make a huge difference in mineral water, be it blackcurrant, orgeat or any homemade creation. That idea was then developed when she moved to Montreal and the brand was born!

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