Merchant of York

Ficus Lyrata Standard (Fiddle Leaf Fig)

  • Ficus Lyrata Standard (Fiddle Leaf Fig)

Merchant of York

Ficus Lyrata Standard (Fiddle Leaf Fig)


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The plant is unpotted.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is easily recognizable and loved for its distinctive foliage. This tall, dramatic plant has very large, heavily veined, violin-shaped leaves that grow upright. It’s not bushy, making it a beautiful interior design addition for a brightly lit corner or cozy nook in your home.

Native to the tropic climate of Western Africa, the Fiddle Leaf Fig thrives in very warm, bright, and humid conditions. This can make them somewhat challenging to grow indoors, but luckily they are relatively tough and can withstand less than perfect conditions.

They will need an area with brightly filtered light or an eastern facing window. Careful watering and warmer temperatures will help this gorgeous indoor plant thrive.

Size 6' tall. 14" nursery pot.
Difficulty Needs a bit of extra care
Light Bright indirect light
Pet Friendly Can cause mouth irritation and digestive reaction
Air Cleaner Removes formaldehyde from the air

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