The Self-Care Gift Guide

As we approach the end of this garbage fire of a year, we hope your thoughts turn toward wellness, for yourself and your loved ones. Taking time for oneself is truly the best gift. So whether you are skipping the holiday season altogether this year and looking for a little something to treat yourself, or paying forward the gift of relaxation, here are some gift ideas that are sure to please. 

Cubic Oil Burner – Limestone

Carved from a solid piece of limestone, this essential oil burner embraces a brutalist meets Santorini design.

Small Pleasures by The School of Life - Merchant of York

This is a book to guide us to the best of life's small pleasures: everything from the distinctive delight of holding a child's hand to the joy of the evening sky.

Soliflor Flower Vase Tall, Black Marble

Display a few flowers or even a single one, this object inspires simplicity and beauty in any space.

Loose Leaf Tea, Prince Edward Lavender by Pluck Tea - Merchant of York Toronto

Floral and grassy, with a hint of ginger. Sun drenched lavender grown and dried in Prince Edward County Ontario features in this signature Pluck tea.

Asteroid Oil Burner

Designed with a minimal aesthetic the Asteroid Oil Burner is a brass tea light holder which acts as a subtle diffuser of essential oil.

Scarpa Incense by Yield - Merchant of York

Inspired by Italian architect Carlo Scarpa's bold yet harmonious sanctuary near Venice, the Scarpa candle balances healing notes of palo santo and leather.

How To Stay Sane

There is no simple set of instructions to guarantee sanity, but if you want to overcome emotional difficulties and become happier, this book is for you.

Grid Vessel Small - White Frosted by Area 91 - Merchant of York Toronto

As versatile as it is beautiful, the small grid vessel can be used as a bud vase, with tea lights or as a pencil holder.

Leaves To Tea Teapot 600ml, Black

The KINTO Leaves To Tea line invites you to explore tea with a fresh and open mind. It is designed with usability to bring out the character of teas.