We take pride in curating a selection of gifts that is as unique as your clients. We understand the importance of gifting as a representation of who you are as a company. Merchant of York offers a distinctive mix of local and internationally made quality goods that are sure to exhilarate your clients, customers or employees. 

Choose from one of our curated packages or work with us to put together a package of your very own. We will ensure you have an effortless experience whether you have a small gifting request, or need a large volume order. We offer thoughtful cards with your branding and custom message. Our signature gift wrapping will surprise and delight your clients. 

The Importance Of Corporate Gifting

Gifting is good for business. A thoughtfully chosen gift will leave a favourable impression of you and your company in the the recipient's mind. Gift giving is about strengthening personal connections. Whether a client or employee, a gift shows gratitude, that you value them.

What We Don't Do     

We do not screen print, sublimate, print or affix in any way your logo on a cup, bottle, t-shirt or any other tired corporate freebie. Nobody wants this and it is a waste of your money. Placing a corporate logo on an item and gifting it screams "Think about my company!" instead of "I think highly about you and care about our relationship". 



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