The Coffee Lover Gift Guide

Coffee. For many of us, it's the first thing we think of in the morning. In fact, there are some mornings it is the only thing that can get us out of bed. While popping the lid off a can of medium grind and filling the old automatic drip maker is fine, you may have a loved one who likes to take it to the next level. Someone for who coffee is a ritual or exercise in mindfulness. For them we have a fine selection of manual coffee equipment that will have them dreaming of their morning coffee before they even fall asleep.

French Press, 850ml Amber by Yield - Merchant of York

Striking colour and high quality borosilicate glass give the classic french press a welcome update.

Stagg EKG Electric Kettle by Fellow - Merchant of York

Another must have for our morning routine. Blazing fast boil time, amazing pour control, and just look at it!

Porcelain Slow Coffee Style Brewer 2-Cup, Grey by Kinto - Merchant of York Toronto

Our preferred brewing method, pour-over offers a clean, rich brew, while making the coffee becomes a daily practice in mindfulness. 

Ceramic Lab Mug, 300ml - Black

Feel the warm textures of clay in this modern interpretation of traditional Japanese tableware.

Faro Coffee Dripper + Cup by Kinto - Merchant of York Toronto

With a sleek, stackable design, this coffee dripper set is perfect for brewing a single cup of coffee in any carefully curated space. 

Double-Wall 6oz Glasses - Set of Two Grey by Yield - Merchant of York

The perfect size for your morning coffee. Feels great in your hand. We use these glasses every morning with our pour-over.

Travel Tumbler 350ml, Coyote by KINTO - Merchant of York Toronto

Stylish and available in a number of soothing colours, the Kinto tumbler will keep your morning coffee warm for up to 6 hours.

Slow Coffee Style Coffee Jug, 2-Cup by Kinto - Merchant of York Toronto

Simple and effective, pair this vessel with the porcelain brewer for truly analog coffee experience.

Fog Mug, 270ml - Blue

Inspired by cool, misty mornings, the matte finish and muted colour of this mug invokes calm and serenity. 

Balzac's Coffee - Atwood Blend Whole Bean Coffee by Balzac's Coffee - Merchant of York Toronto

This Bird Friendly® blend of organic beans exudes distinct notes of caramel and cocoa, while maintaining a balance of acidity and body.