AREA 91 - High Tech Craft

Area 91 combines traditional production methods with explorations in manufacturing technology to create unique objects - designed and made earnestly in their studio, located in the 91st neighbourhood of Toronto.

Grid Vessel Large

A therapeutic way to arrange flowers and avoid the bunch just falling to the side. The Large size is perfect for tall bunches of flowers or minimal arrangements of stems and allows everything to stand upright.

Grid Vessel Small

Same as the large, but half the size. Use this size as a bud vase by placing a single stem in the centre grid. As versatile as it is beautiful, the small vessel can also be used with tea lights or as a pencil holder.

Rad Plant Stand

Aptly named, this stand fits up to an 6 inch plant pot.  Great for plants of any kind, especially those with height and volume. A bold way to get your favourite plant friends elevated off the table or floor.