About Us

Merchant of York is a lifestyle boutique where design and quality are always top of mind. We strive to offer unique products that enhance your everyday life.

Since opening our first shop in 2018, Merchant of York has introduced new brands and products to Toronto customers not seen in the city before. Discovering unique products made by brands that hold our values (good design, high quality, long lasting & sustainable) is core to our shopping experience. From home fragrance and candles to stationery and coffee equipment, we want to introduce you to products that you’ll fall in love with and keep using in the years to come.

Our Name

We opened our first shop in the downtown Toronto neighbourhood of Moss Park, the historic centre of Toronto (formerly called the town of York). The area was owned by William Allan, a businessman and one time postmaster general. Allan owned a general store and constructed a wharf, Merchant's Wharf, which became one of the first docks for large sailing ships in the growing town. The building our first shop was located in, and those all around us, are steeped in history. It was important to us that we pay homage to this history through our name. We are the modern day merchant of York.