Central Coast Incense - Merchant of York
Central Coast Incense - Merchant of York
Central Coast Incense - Merchant of York

Central Coast Incense



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Tea Tree, Lavender, Clary Sage, Peppermint

Situated between Los Angeles and San Francisco, California’s Central Coast is a place of natural rugged beauty. Take the twisting and turning Pacific Coast Highway and you’ll drive through quiet little beach towns and past sheer cliffs that give way to the wild, rocky shoreline and thundering Pacific Ocean down below. Head inland and you’ll go past rolling golden hills, lush green vineyards, and fields of sun-soaked wildflowers. The air is fresh there and touched with lavender, which grows in vast fields. Central Coast combines the refreshing and cooling notes of tea tree and peppermint with the floral and herbaceous scents of lavender and clary sage to create a fragrance reminiscent of this magical place.


  • 20 Sticks
  • Made with 100% all natural essential oils
  • Each stick burns for approximately 60 minutes
  • Hand-dipped and packed in Philadelphia 


HEWN, Philadelphia

HEWN is a Philadelphia-based design studio that creates heirloom quality goods for the modern home. Driven by a passion for design that seamlessly blends elegance with functionality, they strive to produce products that add beauty to your home and are a delight to use. To bring these ideas to life, they work closely with a small number of skilled American manufacturers and use materials of the highest quality to ensure that you will enjoy these pieces for years to come.

HEWN was founded in 2017 by husband and wife designers Mike Boylan and Danielle Pecora. Much of their work is inspired by their travels, passion for good food, and architecture.