Architect Series Candles by Yield

Yield Design’s innovative Architect Series candles are inspired by the distinct places and environments of key projects by a selection of their favourite 20th century architects. 

As an introduction to this new line in the shop, we thought it would be interesting to explore the inspirations behind the candles...

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Made With Intention & Care

The designers we work with are intimately involved in the construction of their designs, with many actually constructing the items themselves. Here we highlight three Canadian makers who design and construct the items we think are perfect for your home...
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Organic Modernism

One of the most frequent questions we get about the shop is with regard to the selection of products we sell. Why do we sell what we do? While the shop is foremost a reflection of the things we love, there is an overarching philosophy behind most of what we choose. When we started getting this question more often, I decided to put more thought into it and write this post.
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