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A major benefit working with small brands and local companies is hearing the stories behind each. While every brand has a story, you just don't get the same connection from big companies. For many makers and entrepreneurs, the journey to starting their brand involves overcoming an obstacle where it is born as much from necessity as desire. This was the case for Brand & Iron, a Vancouver based candle company. Started by Jordan Derhouson while he recovered from a liver transplant due to a rare genetic disorder, Brand & Iron was never intended to be much other than a creative outlet to pass time during his lengthy recovery. 

Brand & Iron hand poured soy wax candles

The transition from hobby to entrepreneur was made out of necessity - Jordan's previous career was in healthcare. With the need to take anti-rejection medication for the transplant, working around patients from whom he could catch a cold or flu put him at great risk. 

Initially focused on leather goods, Jordan made everything from key chains to tote bags. Candles were a small part of the line, but with unique scents and a clean burn, Brand & Iron quickly became a popular candle brand.

We are thrilled to welcome Brand & Iron to the shop and will continue to focus on supporting small makers. They are our family, our friends, and our neighbours after all. 

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