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And Jacob is an emerging design firm we found while on a recent trip to Mexico City. As we quickly discovered, Mexico has a thriving modern design scene that is rooted in traditional craft.

Featured: Nocte Lamp

The use of natural materials abounds and functionality is at the heart of many pieces by the designers, who make goods with a commitment to the environment and heritage of Mexico. Traditional Mexican handicrafts inspire new and modern works coming out of Mexico. With a rich history and strong commitment from new generations to learn traditional techniques, the character and quality of these works is outstanding. 

Featured: The Quinqué Tealight Lamp is inspired by traditional oil lamps.

Products are made by skilled artisans with the support of their families and reflect the values of And Jacob - a higher quality of life for those who make and purchase And Jacob goods.

Featured: Marble & stone is cut, shaped and polished by skilled Mexican artisans.

And Jacob's core values consist of using local raw material that is shaped using traditional techniques, supporting communities and fair trade. With values that are in such alignment with what Merchant of York stands for, we knew immediately we had to carry And Jacob.

Featured: Alex and Jacobo exhibiting at Design Week Mexico 2019.

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