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Since we opened shop in our Moss Park location, we quickly found our customers asking for plants. We had a small supply from a local florist, but were having a hard time keeping up with demand. We took over sourcing of our plants and expanded the section within our shop, from a few mixed in with other products to the entire front end of the shop.

March 2019 June 2019

We work hard to offer our customers a unique variety of plants you can't find just anywhere. As the collection has grown and we started attracting plant lovers from across the city, we were receiving requests for plants that are harder to find. You know the ones, they are on ALL of the plant Instagram accounts you follow and are so hard to find in Canada. The Thai Constellation, Raven ZZ, Raphidophora Tetrasperma, variegated everything! As we have become more confident in our plant care abilities, we want to help our customers get their hands on some of their favourite rare and hard to find plants. We started doing our research while securing the import permits we need. From this, the Anthurium Club was born!

We want the Anthurium Club to be Canada's go to for those rare plants you just have to have. We want to offer a selection of plants that aren't currently available to Canadians. Shipping plants across borders can be tricky business and we reduce the risk for our customers by taking care of all the challenges associated with importing plants. On launch, we are offering local pickup in Toronto. Once all of the kinks are worked out we will offer Canada-wide shipping.

Head over to Anthurium Club to see what we have in stock. Be sure to sign up to the Anthurium Club newsletter to keep up to date on re-stocks and new products. You won't be disappointed!

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