Introducing OYOY Living Design

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OYOY Living Design is a Danish interior brand with a solid basis in the Scandinavian design tradition. 

The products in the collections of OYOY Living Design are defined by honest and well-composed materials that highlight simple and unexpected details. Playful colours and shapes breathe life into their designs and their products are always produced in the highest quality. OYOY Living Design is timeless Nordic design.

OYOY strives to be the strongest Danish design brand offering home accessories for children, adults and the homes they live in. They strive to be respectful and dedicated to the manufactured products, all people involved and our surrounding environment – always with a creative and playful approach in mind.

OYOY Living Design was founded in January 2012 by Danish designer Lotte Fynboe. The designs are classic, functional and long lasting with unique details and alluring colour combinations. Influenced by traditional Danish design, the products are redesigns of childhood memories. Based on these memories unique products are created focusing on form and shape meeting functionality.

The name and brand is inspired by the OY letters that have been the signature on Danish airplanes since 1929. Regardless of where in the world the planes may be located, the sense of belonging to Denmark is significant.


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