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While we can only aspire to be Oprah, we thought we'd also share with you a list of our favourite things! We added quite a few new products over the year and now is the time to share the ones we like the best.

We love good design and everything we sell is hand-picked with this passion in mind. At Merchant of York, we seek to discover unique products that enhance your everyday life. We also take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and strive to source the most ecologically sound products we can. From glasses to lamps to stools, we sell products designed to last, products you will want to hold onto. Good design is timeless, it goes far beyond fads.

Glass Meso Incense Burner

Michael: Our newest item from YIELD Design is also one of my favourites. I love the ethereal quality of glass, and the warm tones that YIELD uses in their glassware is something I can't get enough of. Pair this simple holder with an all natural incense stick (my favourite is from Hewn, see below) and you will have a calming scent that fills the room, and lasts for the entire day.

Sakkarin Road Incense

Michael: Mike & Danielle from Hewn Goods hand roll incense in their Philadelphia studio. They use all natural ingredients, which is important since you're breathing it in. I love the unique scents of their incense line, but the Sakkarin Road incense is my favourite, by far. The mixture of sandalwood, patchouli and neroli is both earthy and slightly sweet. A little goes a long way, I can light one of these incense sticks for just a few minutes and the scent will fill the room and last until the next day.  

Wall Mounted Magazine Rack

Randy: The moment I saw these racks, I knew we would carry them in the shop. The clean lines, beautiful wood grain and that mid-century modern feel is timeless. They are handmade in Nova Scotia by Cam Maclean of Offcut Studio. He bends the wood using a steaming technique and applies a walnut veneer. The racks are great for magazines or mail in your front entryway.  

Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

Randy: I had a customer looking for this kettle and while ordering one for her, I decided to try it for myself. I had read good things and thought it would be a good fit for the shop, but was hesitant. The gorgeous design is evident, but would it work well? 

Any doubts vanished the moment I used it. Well actually, the moment I took it out of the box. The finish is stunning and the balanced weight while pouring is extraordinary. Not only that, it is the fastest boiling kettle I have ever used. I love that I can choose the boiling temperature (higher for coffee, lower for green tea). As something I use everyday, I am confident in its quality and durability. When I am not using it, it sits there on the counter looking gorgeous. No regrets on this one.  

Double Wall Glasses By YIELD

Randy: We were in West Elm one day about a year ago and came across the YIELD double wall candles. I was familiar with the brand and I found the scents to be so unique and beautiful. I also love that the vessel the candles come in are something I actually want to reuse. After burning the first candle, I thought I might use the glass once in a while, but probably not too often since I had a coffee mug that fit my hand just right. After a couple of mornings though, I soon found myself using the glass everyday. I burned the remaining candles just so I would have more glasses for my morning brew! The size is just right and the glass fits so nicely in my hand. The double wall glass is strong and protects your hand from the heat. They also happen to be elegant cocktail glasses for the evening. 

YIELD makes the glasses available in sets of two. The most recent colour is a spectacular shade of green that has quickly become a new favourite. 

Nocte Lamp

Michael: As soon as I saw the And Jacob product line up, my eye was drawn to the volcanic stone. It is such a unique material to have something like a lamp made of. It gives you the feeling of concrete, but so much better. The porous rock adds a lot of texture to your room and contrasts so nicely against the inlaid brass on/off touch switch. I think lighting is very underrated in our living spaces. Multiple sources of light adds such ambience to a room, particularly in winter darkness, and these lamps are so versatile, they fit in with many types of decor.

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